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10. Recommendation

I would recommend this book to other AP students. The positive points to this books was that it had alot of details and you never got bored reading it. Also the way that she writes it's almost like you can picture yourself there at that point in time. There are also some negatives to the book, to me i thought that the book was a little hard to get into. Other than that i would recommed this book to anyone.

9. Book Summary

The book The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls, is about the life of Jeannette Walls a author and contributor to MSNBC. Throughout this book she describes all the struggles that her and her family has gone through. She talks about how her family would move around all the time, and how they really had no money and they would have to live day by day. How some times her parents were not always around and how she and her siblings had to fend for themselves.She also talks about how she got started in journalism. Also how having her sister move to New York City and describing all the things that it has to offer caused her to have a dream to move their with her sister and pursue a job in journalism.

8.Best Section of the book

The best section of the book i think would the part where Jeannette and her siblings move to New York City. This is the best section because it shows all their hard work paid off in the end. They now have a better life then what they originally had. Instead of living day to day and struggling they now have a steady income and a place to live. They also have each other still and help each other out as much as possible. It is also a new chapter in each of their lives. Also they are having a world of opportunities opened up to them that they would not have back where they lived.

7. Author's Tone

On page 202 Jeannette had made braces because kids made fun of her and told her that her front teeth stuck out. While sleeping with them on one night her dad walked in and saw what she had made and how well they were made.The way that she was talking and how much she knew about braces made her tone very informative on this page.She was also very proud of what she had made by the way she talked about it.

6. 10 Events

1. When Jeannette burned herself and had to go to the hospital and how long she spent there was an important event because it showed how different her family was than most people. It was also important because here Jeannette felt safe and everyone was nice to her and wanted the best for her.
2.When Jeannette and her family went to Hot Pot to hangout. There Jeannette's family was all swimming but she never learned how to. When she was clinging to the side her father took and threw her in the water, at first she sunk but her dad picked her up. Once again her threw her in but she sank again her pick up and threw her in till she finally learned how to swim. This was important because it showed that her father wanted her to fend for herself and that if you don't succeed at first, you need to try and try again till you get it.
3.Another important event was when Jeannette and her older sister ate the last bit of food in the house which was margarine. When their mother found out what they had down she got mad because she was meaning to save that becuase it was the the bit of food. This is important because it showed how poor the family was and how if you think now how we take things for granted.
4. A important event was when a drunk person broke into Jeannettes house and touched her, and how her mother was asleep and her father was away and how her brother came to help her. This was important because it showed the love that the siblings had for one another and how they would help them with anything.
5.When Jeannette started working for her school newspaper it was an important event. This was a important event because it made her fall in love with everything about working with the newspaper she loved the atmosphere and she loved journalism.
6. When Jeannette asked her father to stop drinking and within the next few days she saw him tied up and have withdrawl sympotoms. This was important becuase it was really the first time that her father actually did something that she asked. It also showed her that if she puts her mind to something that she can do anything.
7.Another important event was when her mother was getting money some times from the oil company or when her father would work an odd job and  earn a little bit of money. This was important because it showed that she could not depend on her parents to take care of her she had to go and fend for herself.
8When Jeannette moved to New York City was a very important event. She went to live with her older sister Lori. This is an important event becuase she finally was out on her own and she did not have to worry about her parents or about not having a home or food because she knew that there were opportunities for her that she would have never had if she would have stayed with her parents.
9.When Lori and Jeanette decided to have their younger brother Brian come live with them in New York was an important event. This was important event becuase Lori and Jeannette have had amazing outcomes after moving and they wanted their brother to have the same experience that they have had.
10. When the older kids decided to have Maureen move out with them to New York was a important event becuase then the kids would be all together again and they could continue to keep each other safe and watch out for each other.

5.Two places in the book

One place that was mentioned in the book would be the hospital that she went to when she was three when she got badly burned. This was an important place because here she felt loved, and she had all the attention in the world. This is also a important place because when her family came to visit her in the hospital it showed how different they were than most people. How they didn't approve of hospitals and how they would not take Jeannette's brother to a hospital when he cracked his head open.

Another place that was mentioned was New York City. This is a important place in the book because it was a dream of Jeannette's to move to NYC with her sister Lori. When that dream came true she had never been happier, with herself being happy she wanted her other siblings to be happy as well. She moved her younger brother and sister out to NYC so they would have the experience that she and Lori have. She also wished to go to college in New York so that she could get an education.

4.Most Important People

The most important person in the Glass Castle would be Jeannette Walls herself because the book is written by her and it is about her life and the struggles she went through. As a child Jeannette was a tough little girl, if he got hurt she would stand back up and brush herself off and continue on to what she was doing. She was also a very caring person.The next important person i would say would be her father. He is important because he helped form Jeannette to the person she is today. He was a quirky person who marched to the beat of his own drum. He was very smart and had ideas that he had hoped would make his family rich. He also taught his kids many things like survival skills, astronomy, math and many more things.Also her mother was an important person because she taught Jeannette that it is okay to be different from everyone else and that somethings people do were not always right. Her mother also helped form and mold the person she is today. Lori, David and Maureen Jeanette's siblings also are important because they have been by her through everything. They were all good kids and were caring towards one another and always looked out for one another.

3.Glass Castle- How does the title relate to the book?

The title Glass Castle relates to the book because that is the house that her father promised when he would get enough money that he would build for his family. Throughout her childhood he would continue to promise her that one day he would build it. I also believe that it symbolizes that one promise that he promises her and how he never kept that promise and how she always longed for it. It is the one thing that always stayed the same. Even though many things in their life were not this promise remained the same.

2.Jeannette Walls-Glass Castle

The author of the Glass Castle jeannette walls grew up with free spirited parents a older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister. She moved around alot as a child and had to lived with parents who were not always around. While growing up she had to learn how to fend for herself. As she grew up she got out of her poverty sticken life and became a gossip journalist form MSNBC. She also has written three books; The half broke horses, Dish:How Gossip Became the News and the News Became Just Another Show and The Glass Castle.

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"The Glass Castle"

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