Sunday, November 27, 2011

5.Two places in the book

One place that was mentioned in the book would be the hospital that she went to when she was three when she got badly burned. This was an important place because here she felt loved, and she had all the attention in the world. This is also a important place because when her family came to visit her in the hospital it showed how different they were than most people. How they didn't approve of hospitals and how they would not take Jeannette's brother to a hospital when he cracked his head open.

Another place that was mentioned was New York City. This is a important place in the book because it was a dream of Jeannette's to move to NYC with her sister Lori. When that dream came true she had never been happier, with herself being happy she wanted her other siblings to be happy as well. She moved her younger brother and sister out to NYC so they would have the experience that she and Lori have. She also wished to go to college in New York so that she could get an education.

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