Sunday, November 27, 2011

6. 10 Events

1. When Jeannette burned herself and had to go to the hospital and how long she spent there was an important event because it showed how different her family was than most people. It was also important because here Jeannette felt safe and everyone was nice to her and wanted the best for her.
2.When Jeannette and her family went to Hot Pot to hangout. There Jeannette's family was all swimming but she never learned how to. When she was clinging to the side her father took and threw her in the water, at first she sunk but her dad picked her up. Once again her threw her in but she sank again her pick up and threw her in till she finally learned how to swim. This was important because it showed that her father wanted her to fend for herself and that if you don't succeed at first, you need to try and try again till you get it.
3.Another important event was when Jeannette and her older sister ate the last bit of food in the house which was margarine. When their mother found out what they had down she got mad because she was meaning to save that becuase it was the the bit of food. This is important because it showed how poor the family was and how if you think now how we take things for granted.
4. A important event was when a drunk person broke into Jeannettes house and touched her, and how her mother was asleep and her father was away and how her brother came to help her. This was important because it showed the love that the siblings had for one another and how they would help them with anything.
5.When Jeannette started working for her school newspaper it was an important event. This was a important event because it made her fall in love with everything about working with the newspaper she loved the atmosphere and she loved journalism.
6. When Jeannette asked her father to stop drinking and within the next few days she saw him tied up and have withdrawl sympotoms. This was important becuase it was really the first time that her father actually did something that she asked. It also showed her that if she puts her mind to something that she can do anything.
7.Another important event was when her mother was getting money some times from the oil company or when her father would work an odd job and  earn a little bit of money. This was important because it showed that she could not depend on her parents to take care of her she had to go and fend for herself.
8When Jeannette moved to New York City was a very important event. She went to live with her older sister Lori. This is an important event becuase she finally was out on her own and she did not have to worry about her parents or about not having a home or food because she knew that there were opportunities for her that she would have never had if she would have stayed with her parents.
9.When Lori and Jeanette decided to have their younger brother Brian come live with them in New York was an important event. This was important event becuase Lori and Jeannette have had amazing outcomes after moving and they wanted their brother to have the same experience that they have had.
10. When the older kids decided to have Maureen move out with them to New York was a important event becuase then the kids would be all together again and they could continue to keep each other safe and watch out for each other.

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